Microsoft Desktop Concept

The Microsoft® Center for Information Work is a prototype facility dedicated to exploring how future software developments could empower information workers — anyone who touches the flow of information and uses technology to improve his or her productivity in the workplace — to better manage information overload, access data to enable faster decision-making.

The video above was at Convergence 2007 presented by Russ Burtner. Their touch engine runs rather poorly but still an interesting concept. And it is great to see a large company thinking outside the box.


I don’t know if he said that in the video (sound not working) but I’m pretty sure that this is based on the Microsoft Research project “Touchlight” (just look on their website, there are some papers and videos). It works with two infrared cameras filming a holographic projection screen and with some easy math they are able to determine if something moves on the surface. This also enables them to scan documents through the surface by simply making a photo of them.
See also Flow Mouse, their technique used for transformation which Jeff Han used also. (Though Flow Mouse can do more: not just 2 but any number of fingers being more naturally.)

This is the type of stuff I’ve been thinking about! Man, I wish I had 50 billion in the bank with no debt.

I hope the open source community is keeping up to speed.

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