Interactive Water Fountains?

Jimihertz brings us a Multi Touch Water Screen- Which is a touch screen with a water curtain that flows over it allowing for very "fluid" interaction... literally. He has beeen working on multi-touch surfaces for quite a while now and sometimes got a bit frustrated by the lack of haptic sensation. So now there is very distinct feedback which equates to a more immersive and unique experience. Simple put ... jimi has the most realistic water ripples setup ever.

Big congrats to Jimi and his team @
Discuss it here:


Jimi showed this to me a while ago, of course I could not talk about it. I’m glad to see that its public now so that it can inspire other people to think outside the box, nicely done Jimi.

It looks like it would be relaxing!  Nice.

I’m curious as to how he got the water curtain set up without leaking and without wasting all that water!

Very nice!

Awesome nice work. Looks like so much fun smile

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