Multitouch Audio Exploration

Jens Wunderling has been working on an interesting project for over a year now, he started with a single touch ELO display and now he has implemented it with multitouch.

loopArena is an AMAZING interactive audio tool, similar to a sequencer, however much more dynamic. Jen’s calls it an “agent based generative music interface”, which allows for multiple users to generate live music.  No typography, rasters and tools are needed because interaction is limited to dragging objects with the fingertips. I would imagine that this gives the artists a lot more freedom and allows one’s creativity to flourish.

He has been working with Ulrich v. Zadow of the MTC team. And as you can see from the video above the results are stunning. As for the technical details, the User Interface, Timing and MIDI Out are all made in Processing, Touch data is received from the libavg framework via OSC, and Processing sends Out MIDI data to Propellerheads Reason. You can read about how it all started as his Intermediate Diploma project.

Keep up the good work guys, truly inspirational.

On another note: I highly recommend everyone in the group to check out flight404’s new works. He is now using a Lemur to VJ real-time audio analyst. Above is a quick video of how he is making Processing dance. I will be posting a more detailed article on his methods in the near future.


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