Multitouch Media Application Pro v3 Release

Changelog for v3:
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Adobe AIR 1.5 (Fullscreen bug)
  • This version should autodetect your screensize to support any screen resolution.
  • Added a Google Maps object
  • Added support for adding pictures on the fly (for example if you want send a picture from your cellphone with bluetooth, read the readme.txt for the instructions)
  • Added a exit-button, reset view-button, canvaslock and displaylock buttons.
  • Temporary removed DCIM support due to slowdowns
Download it now: Multitouch Media Application Pro v3 [2.25 MB] Make sure to read the install instructions in readme.txt (and download the latest Adobe AIR 1.5.x).

Note: If you want to try out the bluetooth feature, I recommend installing BlueSoleil to handle the pairing of the devices and file transfers.
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can it be used in linux?

really have tried to get this working but to no avail.
I start up CCV – start Flosc – start MMAPRO – everything looks ok – but nothing actually happens. I just get the blue screen.
Any ideas?

Sorry - should have mentioned I’m using OSX 10.6…

All works for me. I have only one problem. When I upload a file using bluetooth the foto reveal only for a little piece just as in the movie.

Is there a solution for this problem. If not is there a chance to post the source so I can take a look for fixing this.

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