Multitouch Musical Instruments - Surface Editor

Imagine a tool for transforming ordinary surfaces into a multi touch tabletop and that your camera is handling all the tracking. That you can play music with it, control any DMX to change the ambient light and the best part : you can program everything without a single line of codes ...."drum roll ..."

The research group at Geneva’s Conservatory of Music presents the Surface Editor and Surface Tracker software applications for turning ordinary surfaces into multi-touch musical instruments. The Surface Editor allows users to custom design interfaces by dragging and dropping components, such as buttons, sliders, keyboards, and many others, onto the interface. The surface can then be used to control digital audio workstations, virtual instruments, hardware synthesizers and samplers, VJ software, and other applications, via either the MIDI or OSC protocol. The Surface Tracker is a multi-touch tracking application created for tracking movements on a surface using high speed infrared OptiTrack cameras. These cameras have on-board image processing, which allows them to process 100 frames/sec while sparing the host computer’s CPU. The applications are available at Those innovations led the team to found the Future Instruments company
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