NUI Group @ IDC 2009 - Coverage

Some of the highlights from IDC 2009 Conference:

Andy Wilson & Steven Bathiche represented the nice and kind side of Microsoft, the Surface vision. They presented us a future made of intuitive and social devices which blends together the real and the virtual words. The numerous astonishing and awesome projects they allowed us a glimpse at, reveal that the Surface is only the visible part of this future.
Perceptive Pixel

Jeff Han began his exposé introducing the audience to the numerous projects he has developed during his computer vision specialist career. As the Perceptive Pixel founder, he promoted his company’s goals: turn key hardware, high performance multitouch native software with rich graphics and hi DOF interaction, and a very user centric R&D strategy that will reveal the true potential of multi-touch.

Finally, as the main multi-touch Evangelist, he adopts a demanding posture: as a conclusion to his conference, Jeff Han addressed the professional audience, exposing his concerns about the misuse and abuse of multitouch terminology, he warned his fellow colleagues that the future of multitouch is still uncertain and invited them to follow the path of excellence. Also we got to talk to Han some after the event he noted that our community should aim to get more structured around proper use and respect of intellectual property. Which will require more organized alignment with academia and industry to better our understanding.

Stantum owns a very effective multitouch solution: truly multi-point, accurate, fast, no jitter. Apart from the classical media app, Stantum also showcased the hand-writing recognition software, MyScript. Developed by Vision Object, this is a very impressive and reliable solution, (no matter how bad your handwriting is, the software does the job!).
Multitouch Oy

Multitouch 46 inches solution? Yes, it s true and it works perfectly. The Finnish team overcame their troubles with customs and succeeded in showcasing their LCD solution (for one single day). What’s the big deal ? Well, high quality display ( Full HD ) , perfect tracking , and self-calibration .
Tyco Electronics

A key player and leader of the touch industry. Tyco focused their conference on explaining why “there is no perfect touch technology“. They illustrated the idea extensively regarding the market and the usability. They also exposed clearly the economic stakes of the Touch (as the human interface of choice) : 4.4 billions $ in 2008 to 8.8 billions in 2013!

For months, this intriguing cheap multitouch solution has been debated, whether it was a fake or The ultimate solution. So, after testing it, I can tell you …: it s a true multitouch screen (more than 2 fingers). It works, and they are using huge Full HD displays. Their demos include 3D manipulation, Google Earth navigation, World of Warcraft and a few games …But, as “no perfect touch solution exist”, it also suffers occlusion problems but overall still usable.

RPO showcased their brand new optical touchscreen technology. The system is composed of tiny infra-red leds, a polymer screen, 2 wavelights guides.The light is diffused into the polymer screen. The screen has 2 rounded edges (out of 4) allowing the light to be evenly distributed .The wavelight guides are attached around the screen. When Touch occurs, light refraction is sensed by the sensors attached to the wavelight guides. Not truly multitouch yet, effective dual .
NUI Group Community

On the NUI Group booth the multi-camera tracking solution was presented, (PS3 in a 3x1 array) on which we are currently developing. Along with Jimi Hertz's ToucHoo an elegantly design water enabled touch table. Also the Community Book from the NUI Group Authors was on display and of course shirts were given out to a select few.

We were lucky to host great contributors to the NUI Group community from Falcon4ever and his most downloaded and showcased software (the Smoke demo and the Media APP) , Seth Sandler and his Mini MT (the cheapest mt screen in the world) & more important the CCV (tbeta) tracker ,Thomas Hansen the launcher of the Python framework (PYMT), Christian Moore, the founder of the community, AlexP and his PS3 driver and the LLP innovator; Jon (TouchFactor) who made possible the Infrared led stripes, and a dozen more that i should have mentioned!

Thanks to Jimi Hertz helping write this report/Thomas H. for photographs and everyone who could make it to the event.
Seth, Laurence and Justin heading to the car.

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