Processing Multitouch Environments

I just found this table from i2off + r3nder in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their initial application looks very promising, and the fact that is running 100% over processing is great for an open source approach. I am still researching this project but I can tell you now they are doing blob detection with a libary build by v3ga which you can get here. Thank you a lot for the inspiration r3nder, and I hope you’ll join the community.

Also a group out of Italy have developed a full Processing based solution also based on “blobDetection” libary. A pdf is available in Italian, from their website.


Hello and thanks for the kind words ! It’s always cool to see some bits of code reused in such nice projets.

Hi. I think macslow’s (soon to become released / open source) project would be very nice together with a multitouch library… You should check it out and contact him! His website is at

He already talked about multi touch input, but I have no idea how far he is with the project now. I did hear that he planned to open source it in the near future.

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