CCV - Multi-Cam Updates

Community Core Vision v1.3a

With over 120,000 downloads, Community Core Vision (CCV) is a proven computer vision solution with the best community support group arround. Throughly tested in both research and commercial environments, CCV is a great starting point for anyone to begin learning and implementing computer vision based sensing techniques. Expect more to come as the community continues to contribute to this pioneering opensource project; such as the recently developed Hand tracking module added during Google Summer of Code 2009.

Check out the latest release which can be downloaded here with the following features:

  • Cleaned codebase and Visual Studio project
  • Fixed hanging on exit issues (known openframeworks bug)
  • New source code redistribution package
  • Migrated towards TUIO 1.1 protocol
  • PS3Eye Multicamera integration on Windows (XP/Vista/7)
    • High resolution/framerate tracking (1280x480@60FPS)
    • Fluid video resizing and screen matching
    • Advanced camera settings
PS3Eye Multi-Camera Driver

With nearly 750,000 downloads and counting the PS3Eye camera driver has been a big hit within our community! Recently a new version was released to allow for using multiple cameras at once.

  • Multiple PS3Eye camera support (Dual support in CCV)
  • Robust Multicamera API for Develpers
  • Customizable video stitching and blending
  • Optimized greyscale mode with upcoming color version for broader use
  • Advanced fully configurable camera settings, sensor control, linear transforms and lens distortion correction
Community Camera Preview

Also currently in development is a community camera solution with the aims of providing group members with affordable camera kits which everyone can contribute to the development roadmaps... Here are some of the current features/goals:

  • Affordable & accessible
  • Built in infrared bandpass filter
  • Compact design & dimensions (3x2x0.75")
  • Customized for HCI & Computer Vision usage
  • High performance and capturing resolution
  • Standard mounting brackets (works with standard tripods)
  • Open specifications and roadmap (community driven development)
  • Accepts variety of standard m12 lenses
  • Optional video sync for motion capture
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Amazing work, Alex.


Super work !!!

Great stuff from the gang, yet again. Wishing everyone more successes to come!

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