New PyMT 0.4 Released

A big thanks goes out to the PyMT team and all there hard work has proven some great results yet again. The new PyMT 0.4 has been released and is available now under a new license. Download the installer or get the source and start building your own Python based MT apps!

PyMT is an open source library for developing multi-touch applications. It is completely cross platform (Linux/OSX/Win) and released under the terms of the GNU LGPL.

It comes with native support for many multi-touch input devices, a growing library of multi-touch aware widgets, hardware accelerated OpenGL drawing, and an architecture that is designed to let you focus on building custom and highly interactive applications as quickly and easily as possible.

Here are some of the framework details:
* Move to LGPL License
* Avoid usage of Pyglet
* Backend splitting (Audio, Video, Text, Image, Camera...)
* Switch to PyOpenGL (10% more performances)
* Lot of speed improvements everywhere
* Lot of bugfix in widgets and core
* New animation framework
* New widgets (coverflow, sidepanel, video, container)
* New modules (keybinding, recordvideo, mjpegserver)
* New input processor: retain touch (reuse the last “up” touch)
* Designer App: text editor + pymt rendering (avoid slow loading)
* New Developer’s Guide on wiki
* Improved API documentation
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