NUI Group Enters the Virtual World of Second Life

NUI Group has now officially made it to Second Life, a free 3D virtual world developed by Linden Lab. Community contributor PeauProductions took advantage of its powerful 3D modeling capabilities and designed a series of models that demonstrate different types of optical multitouch techniques and how they work. Meant to be used as an introduction for beginners to the NUI world, these models and PeauProductions will serve as great ambassadors in the world of Second Life for NUI Group and emerging multitouch technology.

Each model shows a pulled-apart multitouch table, and the various components needed for it. Text explanations are often not enough to communicate an idea, and 3D models lend themselves perfectly to multitouch modeling. He modeled examples of FTIR, DI, LLP, DSI, and LED-LP setups, and videos below explain how they function and what they need. An image of his FTIR model:
PeauProductions has modeled several setups that are in existence, namely AlexP's LLP wall, Seth Sandler's FTIR-based AudioTouch, and his own LED-LP and DSI setups.
Second Life and other 3D modeling tools are not only good for detailed models explaining a technology, but also for quick mock-ups that can be used to explain an idea to a large group of people, quickly. Second Life's social networking allows a creation to be publicly displayed, allowing any number of people to visit and look at it.

To demonstrate his work and to explain the basic optical multitouch techniques, you can watch these two videos:
Here is some more information on basic multitouch devices and how they work: Forum Thread.

If you are interested in joining PeauProductions and other NUI Group members in Second Life, here are some links to get you started:

Second Life Building
Forum Thread About SecondLife Models

Again the community thanks PeauProductions for his excellent work in Second Life and these incredible visualizations of multitouch technology that will no doubt assist many people in entering the world of natural user interfaces.


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