SNL does multitouch comedy to perfection with CNN’s ‘Magic Map’

Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen takes CNN’s “Magic Map” to its logical—and hilarious—conclusion. What would happen if New Hampshire got moved down to Mexico?

Partial Transcript, thanks to Lynn Marentette (

“Now the country can be moved up and down, like so....We can also shrink it and put it in your pocket if you need to.”

“Let’s look at Ohio. Lets look at the Cleveland area. Lets look really really close. Really close. Really really close, You can see the top of a warehouse. We’re really going to want look at that. Very, very important, were going to want to look at that.”

“And here is New York.... New York was there in 2004, and you can shake it around like that.. (shakes New York)”

“Check out Michigan… I can make it bounce!” (Drags down Michigan on the map, it bounces up and down once it reaches the bottom of the map.)

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smile those are indeed useless features

hahah this is almost as good as the M$ big ass table one P

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