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Community member Christian Bannister explains the project:

The big picture goal of this project is to bridge the gap between sound visualization and musical instrument. With multi-touch interaction it is possible to manipulate multiple characteristics of a sound—directly and visually. Right now a lot of electronic music involves staring at the back of the performers laptop. This is a shame because in many cases a lot of really interesting things are happening on the computer that the audience is completely unaware of. This project hopes to create a common visual language and experience for the electronic musician and the audience by enhancing the perception of sound and music on both sides.

These sketches are built with Processing and Max/MSP networked with OSC on a single computer. The music side of things (the Max patch) has been in development for a very long time. The Processing aspect is all brand new. It is really exciting to pair the existing audio features with new visual features. It is really fascinating how the music starts to sound different when the techniques for performing it change. These tracks sound a lot different being performed on the multitouch screen than they did when I first started working them up in Logic. It is hard to explain but it makes you think differently about the music and forces to to respond in different ways.

This is my third multitouch build. The build is a 40’’ x 30’’ acrylic on aluminum frame with a a four corner llp configuration. I am running Community Core Vision with a single PS3 eye camera. I am using Digiline Contrast film and an older Infocus DLP projector. The music is composed with Logic, Reaktor, Massive, electric guitar, electric bass and tons of samples.

In the performance of electronic music it is fairly common that the audience is alienated from the process and performance of the musician.
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