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City Wall [via John Evans] was designed and developed by UIx so that several people can interact directly with display at the same time; the maximum number of people who can interact is limited only by physical space. The current City Wall installation measures 2.6 meters wide but the technology would allow displays that are theoretically 16 meters wide. This installation uses an very promising Near IR technique, similar to TouchLight methods. I really enjoyed the intuitive pen notion and keyboard toggle. Join the discussion here.

If your been in the community for a short time I am sure you have heard the concept of a “Compliant Overlay” or “Compliant Surface”. One amazingly determined group member [builder] has been relentlessly searching for this material. This video reveals some of his progress, and demonstrates some interesting benefits from using an overlay. Join the discussion here

Touch Tracer [via Falcon] has released a stunning touch event debugger and visualizer for TouchLib, you can download, discuss, and learn how to install via the forums. Also make sure to check out his blog to learn more about his project.

The video shows the future usages of emerging ultra mobile terminal devices, which will bring full PC capabilities and anywhere, anytime Internet experience to end users. There will be huge opportunity in growing ultra mobile market, in additional to PC and phone. Seems like Intel is following in Nokia’s steps.

Andy Wilson demoing “video conferencing for the desk” for Robert Scoble at this year’s Microsoft Research Tech Fest. Video cameras track identical items on two table surfaces and facilitate virtual collaboration.

The above video demonstrate how Smartretina can be used as a navigating tool combined with Google earth. SmartRetina (working on the black laptop on the right) captures the user’s hand gestures, understanding them as computer actions such as up, down, left, right, Zoom In etc, then sends the commands to a computer running Google earth (the desktop on the left).


i really like the movie with andy wilson, cool stuff, i also really like the way he presents it, with a nice kind of happy kid smile on his face from excitement, eventhough he works with it everday, good stuff

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