A Well Documented FTIR Project

A 4’x3’ table rests at VRAC (Howe Hall) at Iowa State University, which was constructed in the summer of 2006. The team left great documentation (now offline), with tons of helpful ideas and methods for building an FTIR unit, very detailed about both hardware and software design and implementation. The table they built will eventually be integrated into a project labeled ”Battlespace”.

Thanks to the students for recording all the problems and solutions they encountered while developing their table. I am sure it will be a big help to us here at nuigroup, while we try to move forward with the Open Source Multi Touch initiative.


very nice and clear documentation, too bad there aren’t alot of detailed pictures of the building process

apparently the link about the doc is broken or not any longer available ...
have you any information about ?

Hi, hmmm i notice that they have now forbidden acces to that document. I don’t have a backup or anything. If anyone has one, please let giova know.

But to be honest, there is alot more information on our forums then there was in that documentation.

Google it.  cache:http://reuatisu.net/reu_wiki/bin/view/Main/Report.

It doesn’t seemed to be cached in google anymore. can anyone re-post this?

It wasn’t that special Danny, check out our forums and you will find better information.

Hi, I happened to be working on our thesis project entitled “A Prototype Design of Wireless Touchscreen Computer Keyboard”. Can anybody helped me in designing our keyboard? I really don’t know where to start with the project. The keyboard must be able to implement touching two keys at the same time for keyboard shortcuts and functions.

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