The NUI Group has been selected for Google Summer of Code 2010 and we are now looking for students and potential mentors. This will be our third year participating and we are really excited to begin accepting student proposals. If you are a student please ask any questions you may have in these forums or join us in IRC (#nuigroup on freenode)

Each student this year will receive a full $5000 USD for participating and get a great experience in learning developing open source software. If you have a new idea you can post a new thread in the “Project Proposals” section. This year we are looking for fresh new ideas to continue expanding on emerging sensing solutions.

Please feel free to ask any questions and check out the links including the “Ideas Page” to get started with your proposal.

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If you are interested becoming a student this year you can get started by posting your proposal idea here. If you are interested in mentoring this year you can send an email to:
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