We are pleased to announce the beta release of NUI Group Go, a community search portal that will help community members find things faster. Go has several key purposes which are explained below:

1) Community search engine.
2) Media publishing systems.
3) URL shortening service.

Search & Current
A fast search engine with relevant results and helpful auto completion; There is even some tricks you can use to get results even quicker; For example if you use (nuigroup.com/go/keywords) you will automatically get results on page load.

Also included in this release is the current page, which is the best way to stay up to date with all community activity and discussions. It parses and displays feeds gathered from around the community as well as showcases active topics keywords to help give users search ideas.

Shortcut: http://nuigo.com/

Publish & Television
Video is a great way to share a concept or vision... this being true we developed a light weight video publishing and viewing system to help the community share videos they enjoy.

Publishing a video is simple just click the ~ and then click the Media link and place a Video Title and a valid Youtube ID (e.g. JJQcJBjObEc). Note: you must be logged in to publish.

Shortcut: http://nuitv.com/

URL Shortening & Sharing
A problem we noticed with our community and in the general web is lengthy URLs, so with this new shortening service you can shorten any URL with the click of a button. This results is a long URL becoming a short one like: (nuigc.com/a1)

To shorten a URL you click the ~ and then click the URL link below search bar. You will be prompted to enter a URL as well as an optional Title which will customize your shortened URL with provided keywords. Once added your will be able to share you new URL via Twitter, Facebook etc...

Shortcut: http://nuigc.com/

There are currently two available themes for Go, the "Lite" theme which is built for optimized page loading and minimalism as well as the "Light" theme which is for rich content and interactivity. To choose a theme simply click the ~ and select a theme or via the links listed below:

White  |   Black  |   Image  |   Interactive  |   Video

Thanks & Credits
We wanted to also thank several projects that have helped make this release possible, First the Google Search/Youtube APIs, jQuery, PHP as well as a big thanks to all the community members for contributing feedback and ideas on how to make better.

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