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October 1, 1968

I am involved in many businesses.Unique Creation is my hobby.Also like to meet new people world-wide and interact with them.I have traveled 60 countries so far.

Basically I am from small town of Sabarkantha District of Gujarat, Himmatnagar. After completing schooling at Himmatnagar, Did B.Sc.Chemistry with Computer Science from St.Xavier’s collage at Ahmedabad.India also done Degree Course in Hotel management than pursued import- Export Management at Ahmedabad.India.

I was a Front Office Manager in 1990 in a star Hotel of Ahmedabad namely Hotel Klassic Gold , Hotel Siddhart place in1991and Hotel Kanak in 1992. After that I have started my own independent business,A firm dealing in bearings and other industrial items at GIDC, Vadodara.India.I took the advantage of IT fever and started Infotech Company(along with existing business) in 2000 to provide Web Designing and hosting services.Finally since 2004 I have been involed in export business.

I was Yuva(Young) Congress Pramukh(president) in Himmatnagr when I was just studying in 12th standered.I also grabbed opportunity to escort Everest Fame Sir Edmond Hillary during his visit to Ahmedabad in an International Kite Festival in 1989.
I had made a small car from LUNA Moped in 1995.But This was not enough.. The best was yet to come. One fine day while looking an Auto Show on the television a crazy thought came in to my mind. Why can’t we have a small car, fuel efficient car and yet a cheep car? So I started my work on this project in April 2002.Instead of reinventing the automobile engine, I straightaway thought of utilizing some thing existing.I had selected the Kinetic scooter engine and started the design of chassis. Made the chassis as per my design and fitted the engine on it to test the raw structure thoroughly for balancing, turning, climbing, ground clearance etc.After satisfactory testing completion I concentrated on the design of body of the car that should look elegant and yet should be technically strong.I had built the body 2-3 times to arrive at the final design of the current model.I took first test ride only on 30th July2002 of my fully finished newly invented car to be named later as Scoot Car. It was a really great experience of my invention on the road attracting attention of the people.You can visit its video at

Since 2004 I am dealing in various products for International Market.