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Google Summer of Code 2011 The NUI Group has been selected for Google Summer of Code 2011 and we are now looking for students and potential mentors. This will be our forth consecutive year participating and we are really excited to begin accepting student proposals. If you are a student please ask any questions you… Amit 03/21/11 0
CCV 1.4 - Object & Fiducial Tracking The summer is now over and Google Summer of Code made my summer one of the most amazing summers I have had. There are many people I want to thank for the successful completion of my project including Pawel Solyga (Mentor), Christian Moore, Jimmy Hertz, Sharath Patali, Rogier Mars, Tobias… Amit 09/02/10 3 11/13/10
Projection Advertising - Interactive Projection Floor Amit 07/19/10 0
CCV - Custom Object Tracker Preview Release Introduction As a part of my involvement with GSoC 2010 project, I have been working with my mentor Pawel Solyga on "CCV-Custom Object Tracker". The project is not fully complete yet and has a lot of work/integration to do, but the object tracking part is completed so we are launching… Amit 07/08/10 1 07/11/10
CCV-COT Post Put post here… Amit 07/06/10 0
Calling for Alpha Testers : Fiducials in CCV Hello, I have been able to integrate ofxFiducialFinder (an openFrameworks addon created by Alain Ramos) into the Community Core Vision. Right now it supports only Fiducial Tracking. Note that it does not send TUIO messages or track fingers.I have seen thread like this , in which people worked on the… Amit 01/28/10 0