We are proud to release the latest version of CCV - our goal with this release is to offer stable multi-camera support, enhance code quality and performance. These updates are a result of our Google Summer of Code involvement this year. A big thanks goes out to my student Yishi Gou who developed a new GUI based grid system which allows for much easier camera layout with up to a 16 cameras. Beyond the new GUI views we worked very hard on testing a wide range of cameras types (CMU, DirectShow, PS3, Kinect, Firewire, etc...) and adding more robust settings.

Below you can find more demo videos, the installer for this release and as always please share your own feedback and any feature requests.
This version contains many changes in both features and the codebase:

New Features

  • Automatic Camera Detection
  • New Camera Layout Editor with Drag/Drop GUI and Device list.
  • Per Camera - Calibration, Preview mode and Settings Dialogs.
  • Optimized Tracking and Stiching algorithms.
  • Interleave mode for Stitching/Blending.
  • Optimized Fiducial Tracking
  • Migrated to TUIO 1.1 version for blob support.
  • Fully threaded Capture and Stiching.
  • Allows different cameras types to be used simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Threshold Option (Gives better tracking results in certain lighting scenarios)
  • Updated cameras supported (CMU, DirectShow, Firefly, Kinect and PS3 Eye)

  • Added ofxAddons for CMU, DirectShow, FFMW and Multiplexer
  • Complete Abstraction of Camera Devices with new CameraBase Class
  • Updates to Multiplexer integrating new Camera Layout Tool
  • Rewrote some of PS3 Wrapper
I am currently traveling for the GSoC Mentor Summit in California and will return in one week to finalize the code/publish the updates to the project repository. Also I have been working at CCM - a management utility that allows CCV to run a service on Windows machines. This enables full interaction between CCV and any application which supports WM_TOUCH including Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 with fidicual mapping to MS Surface tags.
We really appreciate all community members feedback that we have received from CCV 1.4.1, Without your participation and testing we could not have made these improvements. Also thanks to community memebers Mathias Griffe and Sam & Arron at Touchmi for making the awesome videos showcasing the new features in this release.
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