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Requirements  |  DownloadTouchlib Beta v2.0 - [zip file - 3.90 MB]

Archived - Touchlib Beta v1.0 [zip file - 2.75 MB]

Get the Source

Touchlib is written in C++ and has a Visual Studio 2005 Solution ready to compile. All our source code is available on Google Code at You can access the repository using Subversion. If you are using Windows, get TortoiseSVN. Use Tortoise to access the repository and download all the files (much easier than going thru the web interface). After you download the latest source make sure you read the Compiling Instructions.


Touchlib main application is released under the Open Source New BSD license, which gives you the possibility to use it and modify it in every circumstance. The AS3 code and demos on the touchlib repository are not currently under a formal license, but we are considering using MPL or GPL license and allow it to be used in any open source projects.